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Physics is about understanding the basic principles which govern the world around us, ranging from the inside of the atom, the colors of sunset and rainbow to the universe. Physics is also about inventing new technologies which can change the way we are living, as in the fields of computers, electronics, energy, or lasers.
“Doing Physics” requires knowledge, skills and curiosity for the things around us.
The Physics Department at GUC works towards all three aspects:
We offer Introductory Physics courses as well as Advanced courses and Bachelor projects for students in the Engineering Faculties. These projects are in line with the research activities of the Physics Department staff.
But: You do not have to study Physics in order to look at the world around you with open eyes: Check the “Discover!” section!

Discover the world around us

A "red moon" during the total lunar eclipse

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Latest News

Oct. 5, 2010: The Physics Nobel Prize 2010 was announced.
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